Selling a home in Fort Myers Naples or Cape Coral



The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that the market will bear. To assist you in determining the correct asking price we provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties sold and offered for sale in your neighborhood.


We will advise you of any necessary repairs and how you may best prepare your home for showing. You will be kept up to date on the state of the market, the sale of similar properties and any other factors which may affect the progress of the sale.


The major selling points of your home will be distributed to other real estate firms by submitting it in MLS. Our goal is to sell your home for the highest and best price. Premier Sandals SWFL Realty ensures the best possible audience by co-broking with all companies including Non-MLS members.


1. Multiple photos displayed on the internet for consumers to view your home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, by a click of the mouse!

Your home will be listed on MLS and will also be included in hundreds of other web sites. Just to name a few:,, and Our Own Interactive Website with 9 Different Domain Names Will Capture All the Buyers Throughout the Country! They include:

Your home will have a beautiful slide show of photos, on multiple websites.

2. We’ll print Photo flyers with detailed information to introduce your home. A “Take One” box will be placed outside your home along with a community approved “For Sale” Sign.

 3.  Premier Sandals SWFL Realtyis an International Company. The Prudential Real Estate Network has a greater pool of buyers, more so than a smaller real estate company with limited staff, we have over 85 agents in our office to network with and help sell your property. Premier Sandals SWFL Realty is one of the largest real estate brokerage franchise networks in North America; each franchise is independently owned and operated. The Relocation business provides comprehensive global relocation services to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. With locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China, Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services—which operates’ as Pricoa Relocation

in Asia and Europe—offers a broad menu of services critical to the relocation of clients’ employees.

This represents an important source of potential buyers! Premier Sandals SWFL Realty network enables you to get the highest price that the market will bear.


4. We allow all brokers to down load our listings into their own web sites through IDX. Many of our competitors do not share these same practices. This negatively affects the sale of your home, due to inadequate exposure.
5. We will conduct Open Houses with your approval.

6. We will return your phone call or email quickly and provide a weekly progress report on the promotion and sale of your property. We’ll give you feed back after every showing. We promise to share the buyer’s comments as soon as we have feedback from them and/or the buyer’s agent.

7We will get your home SOLD!


Premier Sandals SWFL Realty offers mortgage guidance which encourages buyers to buy by letting them know their mortgage potential in advance. Our in-house lending specialist, Patty Wilson, provides professional financing guidance to both buyers and sellers… helping make their dreams a reality!

Negotiations & Closing. Our “Hands ON” Approach!

1We will review with you, all purchase offers presented. We’ll negotiate to reach a purchase contract that has agreeable terms to you.

2We will attend the Home Inspection and negotiate any buyer concerns which may arise to prevent the final sale. Our expertise can save thousands of dollars!

3We will monitor and inform you of the transaction progress. This includes satisfaction of all mortgage contingencies and conditions.
4. We will attend the Closing and review Closing Costs and Fees being charged.

We are Two Ambitious and Energetic People that Will Go the

Extra Mile to Get You the Best Price for Your Home!


We’re never too busy for your referrals!


David Botelho, Realtor Sandra Botelho, Assistant David’s Cell: 239-368-1803  Premier Sandals SWFL Realty


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