Welcome to SW Florida on the Gulf of Mexico!  Great Deals Now Listed

Owning your dream home doesn’t need to be expensive!

Over the years SW Florida has continued to gain popularity amongst all age groups.         http://www.fortmyersnaplescapecoral.com

From its welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere perfect for a laid-back lifestyle, to the countless attractions in the nearby and extended area, it is sure to cater to all vistors wants and needs.                                                                                                                                                                                http://www.fortmyersnaplescapecoral.com/Book_Appointments

Paradise, however, need not be expensive! SW Florida – a sweeping landscape palms and salt water communities nestled along Florida’s southwestern coast offers great homes in a variety of prices and styles to satisfy every taste and budget. Whether you are looking for a gated community property, a golf course abode, water or beach front villa, or a starter home, SW Florida will not disappoint. Looking to invest? Interest rates and prices are as low as ever and tourism is on a constant rise. Or do you simply wish to own your private dream- home getaway?


With a wide range of selection, real estate rates are at an all time low in SW  Florida and whats more is that interest rates have become just as affordable. Now is the perfect time to buy! http://www.fortmyersnaplescapecoral.com/Foreclosures-FortMyers

Sandals Realty of SWFL

15880 San Carlos Blvd. Suite 240

Fort Myers, FL 33908

               David and Sandra Botelho — Phone 239-368-1803

Web Site http://www.FortMyersNaplesCapeCoral.com/


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