Fort Myers Realtor’s- The Botelho Team is Rated Number One in the Following:

The Botelho Team is Rated Number One in the Following:

Market knowledge and negotiation experience 

Knowing the local market is key to any great Realtor’s success, so finding a Realtor who knows the area is crucial. You can easily figure out if they know the area by asking them simple questions about the area like which schools are best, how is traffic during rush hour, what are prices at in in regards to your desired home’s wants and needs. Once you know they are familiar with the local market, you want to make sure they are a good negotiator. Aside from playing them in a hand of texas hold ‘em poker, it’s not easy to gauge whether someone you just met is a great negotiator or not; The best way to make a snap decision if they are a great negotiator is to watch how they speak and handle themselves. Great negotiators do everything in a precise and calculated manner, speaking with exactly all the right words, never saying anything that could hurt themselves, and always have their minds sharp and on their toes no matter what you throw at them.

Great communication skills and a legitimate desire to fulfill your real estate needs

The best Realtors are the ones who get something out of helping people, and understand a satisfied client is a referring client. If you feel like you can’t communicate with your with your Realtor, or they don’t seem too interested in assisting you (possibly because you are a low priority client or are buying/selling an inexpensive house that yields them only a small commission), look elsewhere for someone to be your Realtor. This is especially true for  first time home buyers, who typically have many questions and need an attentive Realtor who will guide them through the entire process.

Tech savvy/Computer literate

We live in the digital age, and the old dinosaur Realtors that still haunt the real estate field are bottle necking everybody involved in the real estate field. To this day, some Realtors still get away with not uploading any photos in their MLS listing, which accounts for probably 90% of all advertising and leads a property will receive. For sellers, if you use a computer illiterate Realtor who does things like not upload any photos of the property to the MLS, buyers will assume the property is to ugly to show, and usually will skip it and continue searching. For buyers, using a non-tech savvy Realtor will often mean the entire real estate transaction will take longer, possibly be more tedious (really, who still faxes contracts? Scan them on high resolution and email them so no legibility is lost!). There are other small benefits, such as a tech savvy Realtor being able to update you via email or text message, so you can stay updated even if you aren’t able to be involved in a full fledged conversation (such as when you are at work).

Your REALTOR® can assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property. Agents who are REALTORS® have access to a variety of informational resources. REALTORS® can provide local community information on utilities, zoning. schools, etc. There are two things you’ll want to know. First, will the property provide the environment I want for a home or investment? Second, will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell?

Your REALTOR® can guide you through the closing process and make sure everything flows together smoothly.

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